The William Palmer Homestead

Living the simple and sustainable life on our small farm in beautiful Milton, NH

Welcome to our small farm!  It has been ten  years since we first purchased our historic property with hopes and dreams.  As we work to live lightly on the Earth with the various critters we share it with, our efforts are chronicled here.  We hope you enjoy the story of our homestead as we work through the four seasons of southeastern New Hampshire living.
1930's Monogram wood cook stove
Rainbow on the early morning of Mother's Day 2008

Our little homestead is named after the gentleman that constructed it between 1770 and 1780, William Palmer, Esq.  After the Palmer's occupied the farm for a few generations it was purchased by the Wallingfords which lived the house the longest of any family.  After the Wallingfords lived at the propery it was sold to Clint and Betty Hughs in the 1960's who sold the homestead to Michael and I in October 1999.