The William Palmer Homestead
This is a great site if you are looking to creat and and name you're own snowflake!  Michael and I made some flakes back in 2004 and they can still be found via the 'Find a Flake' link.  Enjoy!
 Another beautiful fall day today!  Blue sky and hardly any cloulds!  Still working on canning all the tomatoes – what a bumper crop!  I took a break from working on them them to can the remaining pears from our pear tree on Friday – seven pints in light syrup. I found a good deal on jalapenos at the grocery store so I put by 3 quarts of those in vinegar.  (Not that three quarts will last me long - I love jalapenos on everything!  We've stopped covering the parsley at night, so I've dehydrated all that I'm going to this year.

I'm going to go through all of my favorite recipes and add a link for those here as well - only my tried and true ones!
Beautiful Day 10/25/2009
It was a beautiful sunny day today.  The maples are all golden orange and leaves were blowing around all day. 

Harvested fresh lettuce, radishes, salad turnips, and kohlrabi for lunch salads this week.

Planted next year's garlic.  A couple of varieties that we harvested this year and a new giant purple variety that we bought from Fedco Seeds (

Made an apple fragrance soap this morning.

Dug a three foot deep pit on Friday in anticipation of a a brush fire on Saturday.  As it poured all day Saturday, the fire didn't happen.  This morning the hole was totally full of water.

~Head Farmer
Finally found an easy way that I can chronicle our busy and fun lives!  At 1:12 PM today (Sunday) there are a few snow flakes flying!